Expanding Creative Industries in the City of Moreland


Moreland Arts Infrastructure Plan


City of Moreland


The Moreland Arts Infrastructure Plan was endorsed by the City of Moreland in March, 2018 and is now guiding new investment in the municipality.

Moreland is home to a robust, diverse and vibrant arts community. Neighborhoods such as Brunswick and East Brunswick in particular have an established and celebrated creative atmosphere that contributes to a strong community identity, community cohesion and well-being. Creative industries thrive in areas where affordable spaces suitable for arts practitioners exist. Increased development pressure in inner city suburbs has begun to threaten the long-term viability of many creative spacess in Moreland.

In 2017, the City of Moreland published their Arts and Culture Strategy - Creative Capital, which confirms their commitment to building a resilient arts sector in Moreland. As part of this Strategy, the Council proposed the development of an Arts Hub(s), recognising the need for more accessible and affordable spaces for creative industries in Moreland.

Howler in Brunswick is a large performance venue that hosts live music and theatre events.

The Work We Did

Our approach focused on developing an evidenced base assessment of the needs of the local creative community and the current supply of creative spaces within the municipality. The methodology included mapping all creative spaces in Moreland (over 200 spaces), consulting with local artists across a range of practices (including visual artists, performing artists, musicians), assessing existing council-owned assets and analysing case studies of contemporary arts hubs and precincts. The recommendations included the re-purposing of Council buildings, the retention of industrial zoning in specific locations to support creative industry, the establishment of a new digital arts platform, a tailored leadership program to build capacity in the arts sector, and the employment of a dedicated arts infrastructure officer to drive the implementation of the plan.

Mapping of creative industries in Brunswick and Brunswick East.

As a Result of Our Work

The Moreland Arts Infrastructure Plan applied an evidence-based method to interrogate the best way to enhance creative industries in Moreland. In response to the findings the plan recommends a suite of practical initiatives to protect and encourage the flourishing of creativity in Moreland.

The Moreland Arts Infrastructure Plan was endorsed by the City of Moreland in March 2018. Implementation of the plan commenced immediately with four of the eight key recommendations actioned within six months of endorsement.