Developing Central Geelong Urban Design Guidelines


Geelong Urban Design Guidelines




Revitalising Central Geelong Partnership


Hodyl + Co have been engaged to prepare Urban Design Guidelines for Central Geelong. These will be available for public consultation in 2019.

Geelong is a recognised UNESCO City of Design with aspirations to deliver design excellence which enhances the city's unique identity and heritage attributes. Central Geelong is experiencing significant change and development pressure and has the opportunity to harness this growth to contribute to the city's continued revitalisation. Updated Urban Design Guidelines are required to guide this transition.

Key challenges include the need to deliver on the strategic objectives for Central Geelong, to underpin the guidelines with a nuanced understanding of Geelong's valued character as a north-facing waterfront city, to identify limitations in existing policy and its implementation and to position sustainability as central to design quality.

Geelong's waterfront parkland.

The Work We are Doing

Our work will focus on identifying existing character areas, the physical and spatial context of Geelong, the scale of development needed to support population and economic growth and recommendations for sensitively integrating new development within the existing urban structure and heritage precincts.

Fine-grain shopfronts along Moorabool Street.

The Urban Design Guidelines will provide clear and defensible urban design guidelines essential to deliver a well-designed, sustainable and vibrant city centre.